Where are We – Japan 10 (Summer in Shikoku)

Autumn in Kyushu. Winter in Hokkaido. Spring in Honshu. Summer in Shikoku. What a journey!

  • We loved Kyushu because everything was new and exciting, and we were introduced into the wonderful Landcruising community.
  • We loved Honshu because so many people shared their homes with us, and the cherry blossom indeed was as fabulous as ‘everybody’ ever told us it would be.
  • We loved Hokkaido because there was more snow than we had ever seen in our life.
  • That is not to mention the other 6 islands of Japan we visited as well. Truly, Japan has something for everybody!

Summer in Shikoku

We are now on Shikoku and are loving it because of its beaches and forests.


During our first six months in Japan we drove many kilometers in a short period of time. In Shikoku, we are back to our famous super-slow travel mode.

summer in shikoku, here: a picture taken through the open window of the landcruiser of Coen reading his ebook in the hammock


It feels good! Shikoku has been welcoming is with warm temperatures and beautiful beaches. As usual we find ourselves in good company. Thanks Dan & Kyoko for your visit, and thank you to all who drop by for a chat, a photo, and/or to share tomatoes and cucumbers from your vegetable garden with us. They are treats we treasure.

A man who didn’t speak English was so kind to get this message translated on Google, print it, and drive to our campsite to warn us. How super thoughtful is that?!


How slow we are? Take out your map (or open Google maps). We have been on Shikoku since July 1, and are still in the most southeastern section of the island, a maximum of 30 kilometers inland of Tokushima, and on the south coast our furthermost point was Hiwasa.

Oh yes, we are LOVING Shikoku!

Please keep your fingers crossed that the Japanese customs will be so kind to extend us one more visa extension next month!

How is your summer? Feel free to share in the comment section below!

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