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Where Are We – Beach Life in South Korea

October 06, 2017: Chuseok is Korea’s major holiday and the whole country seems to be on vacation. We joined the crowd and checked out what beach life in South Korea is all about.

Thank You South Korea!

When writing our last newsletter (you can sign up for it here) I was reminiscing about our 6-month stay in South Korea …

Moving from A to B in South Korea

Underground, above the ground, on foot, or varying from using 1 to 4 wheels or more. See the fascinating, nifty, and fun ways of traveling in South Korea.

Where Are We – South Korea 8 (Seoul)

August 14, 2016: We sought the Olympic spirit at Seoul’s Olympic Park but melted away in the heat, as we did anywhere else outside aircon spaces. From temples and tombs we moved to massive and fascinating museums.