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Where Are We – Japan 5 (Hiking on Yakushima Island)

December 27, 2016: After 2 weeks in the car workshop of Mr Nakashima, it was time for a break. We packed our backpacks, took a ferry, and hiked on Yakushima Island (read about it by clicking on the photo). Meanwhile we have returned and are on our way to Nagasaki.

Where are We – Japan 4 (Friendee Auto Workshop)

December 14, 2016: We hoped for magic things in our Land Cruiser’s country of birth, Japan, but what is happening is beyond expectation. A look into 4Friendee Auto Workshop and what else we have been doing.

Where Are We – Japan 3 (Kyushu Island)

November 29, 2016. We feel welcome, we feel safe, we are dazzled by all that is new to us. We make new friends, admire hellish-looking ponds, and have our first car accident in 13 years on the road.

Where Are We – Japan 1

August 28, 2016: The idea was a quick one-day visa run to Japan. It turned into a 24-hour trip, with enough challenges to fill a blog post and lots of opportunities to study every detail of the friendly, very quiet village of Hitakatsu.