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Hanami in Japan – The Celebration of Cherry Blossoms

What better announcement of spring is there than sakura – the cherry blossom season? April is the time to enjoy the best hanami in Japan, or cherry blossom viewing. What was our favorite place and what do people do when ‘doing’ hanami?

Where are We – Japan 4 (Friendee Auto Workshop)

December 14, 2016: We hoped for magic things in our Land Cruiser’s country of birth, Japan, but what is happening is beyond expectation. A look into 4Friendee Auto Workshop and what else we have been doing.

Where Are We – Japan 3 (Kyushu Island)

November 29, 2016. We feel welcome, we feel safe, we are dazzled by all that is new to us. We make new friends, admire hellish-looking ponds, and have our first car accident in 13 years on the road.

Where Are We – Japan 1

August 28, 2016: The idea was a quick one-day visa run to Japan. It turned into a 24-hour trip, with enough challenges to fill a blog post and lots of opportunities to study every detail of the friendly, very quiet village of Hitakatsu.