Renault 4s in Colombia

The R4 consealed, Colombia (©photocoen)

We had just arrived in Colombia and were leaving of Mocoa when I spotted a shiny metallic blue car. “Look!” I exclaimed. Karin-Marijke was sitting right beside me and we were slowly rolling in second gear, so there was no need to raise my voice but I was elated to see one my favorite cars. It is a classic and we don’t see that many on the road in South America. I think the last time I saw one was in Argentina a few years back.

Classic Cars in South America

It is funny how you can pinpoint specific brands to some countries. Ecuador has Chevrolet written all over its cars, even if we know them as Nissan or Suzuki. And of course you see Trollers only in Brazil and Ford Falcons in Argentina. We tend to see old Peugeots in Ecuador, 2CVs in Argentina, and Bugs in Brazil.

The bright shiny R4 in Mocoa, Colombia (©photocoen)

A lucky shot out of the window of the moving Land Cruiser.

So while driving I pushed the camera to Karin-Marijke’s window and shot a few clicks.
“Did you see that? That was a Renault 4!”
Karin-Marijke was not particularly impressed. She doesn’t comprehend the kind of special relation I have with old and beautiful cars.
“A Renault 4,” I repeated.
“Yes, you just told me.”

How Many Can You Spot?

It was not just one lucky shot. When traversing south Colombia we came across a whole gang of old Renaults, with the majority being the famed 4. By now even Karin-Marijke joined in the hunt and pointing them out parked by the side of the road or hidden behind a pile of wood. It felt like the game children play in Bolivia: The first one to yell, “Peta!” when spotting a VW Beetle parked or passing by gets a point.

A Couple of my Favorite Renault 4s

Isn’t it strange that we see only old Renaults and not a single other European brand such as the Citroën 2CV, the VW Beetle, the Peugeot 404 or 504, or the Volvo Amazon or 244? Maybe you can enlighten me (feel free to sound off in the comment section below).

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