Overland Reunion 2017 in Photos

This year’s turnout has not surpassed previous Overland Reunions. And we’re happy with that as we feel we have reached some sort of sweet spot. You can wander about and find time to chat with everyone, inspect all overland vehicles at leisure while still having time to explore the surrounding natural reserve. We didn’t count but think we were with some 35 overland rigs and 80 people or so.

We are not looking to turn our Overland Reunion into a commercial spectacle and we think that we speak for most visitors when saying we all had a fantastic weekend. Here is a quick recap of the 12th Overland Reunion in De Lutte.

The massive front of Erik’s bright yellow GMC camping truck.

After their diesel cooker stopped functioning in South America, Marion perfected cooking on the BioLite.

Maarten is rolling his Renault TRM200 ex-army truck into camp.

Exposed engines attract men.

Johny and Debbie are hunting Aurora and bears in a cold weather resistant Land Rover 130.

Andrew is opening the front hinged window of his Volvo 303.

Sanne is doing the dishes from her camp kitchen base at her Land Rover.

Alex brings his very capable off road Land Cruiser.

The key is to store your stuff as convenient as possible.

Setting up breakfast in the middle of the woods.

Andrew and Martines Volvo 303 Travelbox.

Kilian showing us the hidden features of his van.

Tigo and Kim enjoying their new Japanese 40MeetingEast shirts.

We were happy to see a growing presence of non-meat products on this years BBQ.


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