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Dec 2016: hiking on Yakushima Island, Japan

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Karin-Marijke and Coen are Dutch citizens who gave up the rat race and a world ruled by consumerism for a life on the road. Both grew up in towns in the east of the Netherlands, 10 kms apart, but never met at the time.

Both went to highschool in their hometown, played field hockey, owned a bicycle to go from A to B, and left home at the age of 17. Another 17 years passed, and they met.

Karin-Marijke Vis

After highschool Karin-Marijke flew to the U.S. to be an exchange student, studied French in Nantes for a year and returned to the Netherlands to obtain a Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management.

She never worked in a hotel but for an in-house catering company in different management and troubleshooting functions until she started this journey in 2003.

She had a busy life socializing, playing squash, reading, tending her (vegetable) garden, walking her Bernese Mountain dogs, maintaining a 150-year-old house in a hamlet. Life was good until it no longer was. Then she met Coen, and life took a turn for the better again.

Coen Wubbels

Coen took a train to the south of the Netherlands, studied drawing in an art college and specialized in commercial design.

He worked as an art director for an advertising company for a couple of years and then decided he would do better on his own. By working seven hours a week as a postman he made enough money to pay his bills so he could pick the jobs he really liked to satisfy his graphic design passion.

He is a board game fanatic (The Settlers of Catan, specifically), loves motorcycles, his Mac, food, the sauna, nature and design. Life was good until it no longer was. Then he met Karin-Marijke and, also for him, life took a turn for the better again.

The Landcruising Adventure Freelance Duo

In 2003 they sold their belongings, bought an old Toyota Land Cruiser and started their journey east. Here’s the full story on their journey.

Landcruising Adventure Journey (©photocoen)

Some people think Karin-Marijke & Coen have retired, others believe they are on vacation permanently. Reality is a bit different: they have found a perfect way to combine travel with work they enjoy.

  • Karin-Marijke is the writer of LandCruising Adventure’s freelance duo and Coen the photographer (see his work here and here). Their writing and photography has been published in online & print magazines and they sell their photos (examples here).
  • Coen’s passion for design and work experience in the field has helped them create their own Landcruising Adventure goodies (find them here and here).

These resources enable them to live the lives they want, to embrace the freedom they seek; to stay out of a life that’s determined by other people’s standards and to live life up to the hilt.

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