How Do We Make a Living?

We work as a freelance duo, contributing articles and photos to magazines, newspapers, online publications and special projects. As we continue our journey new stories evolve and opportunities cross our path. Feel free to contact us about contributing to your magazine, purchasing photos, or to discuss projects such as presentations or photo reportages.

Make a living - print publications4WD & Car Magazines

Our contributions to four-wheel drive and car magazines vary from monthly columns to feature articles with matching cover shots. We write about off-road adventures, share stories on culture and meetings with local people, or find a mix of those elements.

Apart from these on-the-road stories, we contribute with themed articles such as ‘Restoring a Land Cruiser in Bolivia’ or local phenomena: ‘Importing right-hand-drive vehicles in right-lane-driving countries’ or ‘The Bandeirante alive and kicking!’ The latter is about the production of the Land Cruiser series in Brazil under the name Bandeirante.

Among the 4WD / car magazines we have contributed to are 4WD Magazine in the Netherlands, Autobild in Germany, 4×4 Magazine in the U.K., and Toyota Trails and Overland Journal in the U.S.

Travel Magazines

Many of our contributions to travel magazines are about off-the-beaten-track destinations. We love sharing stories about places few people have heard of or traveled to. We want to show that the world beyond everything familiar isn’t scary and dangerous, but welcoming to visitors and enriching to explore.

Among the travel topics we have covered are travel tips on destinations such as French Guiana and Suriname, reviews on accommodations, outdoor activities like hiking and boating, participating in Hindu and Jain pilgrimages, visiting UNSECO World Heritage Sites or other cultural highlights, and adventurous road trips on Ruta 40 in Argentina or the Carretera Austral in Chile. Among the travel magazines we have contributed to are Buckettripper, The Latin Kitchen, Matador Network, Atlas Obscura, and BBC Travel.

Other fields of interest are art, architecture, women empowerment projects, and wildlife & nature conservation initiatives. Click here for the list with our published work.

Coen in Suriname (©Karin-Marijke Vis)Photography

While most of our work is a combination of text and photos, may you simply want photos. E.g. for a full-sized print on their wall, to color a book, to complement a calendar, as a header or background for their website, or for marketing purposes. Photos can be bought for online as well as for print purposes.

To get a feel for Coen’s photography, check out, Flickr, Instagram, and 500pxLet us know what you want or need and we can provide the optimal photo.


If there is one thing that characterizes our journey it is that we take each day as it comes and seize opportunities as they cross our path. While contributing to the above-mentioned ventures is a regular activity, we are always open to something new. Some of our fantastic projects have been:


Throughout our journey newspapers, radio & television stations have interviewed us. We have gathered some clippings and radio/TV samples for you to enjoy.

Being on the road makes it sometimes impossible to buy newspapers and visit radio or television stations to collect materials so this collection is far from complete. If you have clippings about us to share, please get in touch so we can complete our archives.

Would you like to conduct an interview with us (in person, through e-mail or Skype), please let us know.

SackWear-Designed Landcruising Adventure T-shirts (©photocoen)Landcruising Adventure Shop

We have our Landcruising Adventure Shop with among other things:

  • T-shirts and caps, designed by SackWear or Coen.
  • Calendars with the best photos of our journey.
  • TT-may-2008-featureA photo book Following Rivers & Roads in Bangladesh.
  • A build-it-yourself Paper Cruiser.
  • Downloadable PDFs about our trip.

Have a look and enjoy Landcruising Adventure’s products.


Fueling our Landcruising Adventure

I was against having a donation button on our site for a long time. It felt like begging and besides, why should others pay for our way of life? We discussed the topic frequently among ourselves, with other travelers and followers/admirers of our journey.

Until two realizations hit me, which made me change my mind:

1. Cost of maintaining the website

Whereas our previous website didn’t cost us a dime, this one does – which we built after requests for stories with more and especially larger pictures, something we couldn’t provide on the previous website.

Don’t get me wrong. We love doing this; we love contributing to the overlanders community and we love encouraging others to go and explore our extraordinary world. However, annual fees and paid plugins (to improve the website on several fronts) do add up. Then there are the hours we put in to update stories, information and photos, and as a result I no longer feel troubled if people like to show their appreciation for that through a donation.

Fuel our Adventure (©photocoen)2. Supporting our Adventure

I used to say that if people want to support us, they can do so by buying something in our shop. This is an interesting comment from someone who doesn’t like to shop herself, but who does like to show appreciation for somebody’s work – e.g. through donating money.

I now figure that there may be others who don’t necessarily want to buy something, but who would like to support us.

So, as a result, we now have the option to fuel our Landcruising Adventure through a donation. Just click on the gas pump on the left. Thanks in advance.

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