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Our journey started in 2003 in the Netherlands. During 3.5 years we drove from Europe to Asia. We had a different website at the time, so you won’t find those GPS Waypoints here, with the exception of the ones related to shipping (that I added later).

The Asia GPS Waypoints below date from when we returned to Asia, in 2017. Enjoy!

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Kuala Lumpur - CMA-CGM shipping: 3.126500, 101.678000
Kuala Lumpur - terminal (port): 2.948950, 101.306430
Chittagong - PIL Shipping: 22.323900, 91.812280
Chittagong - customs broker: 22.328700, 91.811830
Chittagong - customs office: 22.312350, 91.798630
Shipping the Land Cruiser from Suriname to South Korea – Part 2: 35.126016, 129.057598

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