Frequently Asked Questions

How do You Finance This Lifestyle?

“We visit a bank where I carefully lay my revolver on the counter and then ask if they are interested in helping us out. They generally are,” is often Coen’s answer, which brings laughter or a look of incredulity until the penny drops.

While we lived low budget on our savings during the first three years of our journey, we currently make a living by working as a freelance duo, selling images and stories of our journey. Check out How Do We Make a Living for more information and Coen’s photography site or Instagram page to check out his photography.

On the topic of sponsoring, gifts and sharing I wrote a different blog, as well as on our corporate contributors. Since so many appear to be intrigued by our expenditures we’ve decided to give an overview per country on how much we spend, more or less, on what.

Meanwhile we’ve set up a shop with Landcruising Adventure goodies such as T-shirts and calenders (see here) and, of course, we always appreciate your support in fueling our Landcruising Adventure, which you can do here 🙂

Will You Get Used to ‘Normal’ Life Again, When You Stop Traveling?

We don’t know. It’s not something we think about as for the time being we enjoy our lifestyle – which has become entirely normal to us.  While our lifestyle has transformed into some sort of combination of slow travel and slow living, we won’t be settling down permanently in the near future.

How Much Longer Will You Travel?

We don’t know. We live from one day to the next, are open to what comes our way and take pleasure in what we do and where we are. After nine years in South America we’ll now explore the Far East.

What Do You Do When You Get Sick?

Take a break to re-energize. Often that is enough. But sometimes not so; we’ve seen our share of doctors and hospitals. Did we like it? No, of course not. Having said that, those visits have brought some extraordinary experiences in their own way. We’ve suffered our share of diarrhea, malaria & dengue, but none of these have ever made us want to stop traveling.

Other posts with regard to medical issues are on vaccinations , first aid kit, and staying in foreign hospitals.

10 Years, 24 Hours a Day, Together in a Car – Don’t You Ever Fight?

Yes we do. We niggle over changing gears or folding the map in the right creases. It gets more serious when we are stressed. At times, because of traffic, breakdowns of the Land Cruiser or bureaucratic hassle we both become snappy with anxiety. Obviously, this isn’t a lot of fun but we don’t mind so much either. We have learned that since there is no escape (in work, social life, sports – wherever you can avoid each other for a while), misunderstandings don’t have time to evolve into major conflicts and are generally solved quickly.

One time my mother noticed a recurring remark in our website stories, which typifies our relationship: “After having spent some wonderful weeks with fellow overlanders or local people we can say from the bottom of our hearts, ‘How wonderful to be together again, just the two of us’.”

Do you have other questions you like to see answered here? Just fire away in the comments below, we’ll be happy to answer them.

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