Hiking the Baekdu Daegan Trail, South Korea (©photocoen)

Where Are We – South Korea 7

July 25, 2016; At the southern end of the Baekdu Daegan Trail we started hiking in Jirisan National Park and continued farther north, totaling 135 of of the 735-km trail (to read more, click on the photo). We’re now taking a break from the trail as temperatures are too high to hike and enjoy. What should we do in the weeks to come? Share your ideas with us in the comment section below the blog post or shoot us an email!

Riverbed near Iruya, Argentina (©photocoen)

Why Drive the Pan American Highway?

What’s the lure of the Pan Americana? I asked a number of overlanders what made them drive (parts of) the Pan American Highway that links Alaska with Ushuaia.

Seoul, City Wall (©photocoen)

Where Are We – South Korea 4 (Seoul)

June 10, 2016: After a month of visiting family and friends in the Netherlands we returned to Korea. Back to good companionship, food, and a beautiful country – it feels good being here again. Read more by clicking on the image.