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Vagabonding Case Study

In Vagabonding’s Case Study I talk about vagabonding, our nomadic way of life, the challenges and the joys.

Llamas on the Altiplano of Chile (©photocoen)

The Altiplano of North Chile

Cruising the Altiplano of North Chile, which is characterized by llamas, vicuñas, ceremonial villages and colorful landscapes.

The temporary rattling door fix heading [©photocoen]

Temporary Fix for a Rattling Door

As the years go by the wear and tear of the Land Cruiser continue. A while back driving off roads became less pleasant because my door increasingly rattled. …

Pressure Cooker 101 – bring water to a boil

Pressure Cooker 101

The basics of using a pressure cooker, specifically a Hawkins Futura. Do a trial run, check water quantities and time tables, and links to downloadable PDFs.