Where are we Georgetown, Guyana (©photocoen)

Where Are We?

November 13, 2015 – Still in Georgetown. We rebuilt part of the car’s bowels (woodwork) and are now camping at the Sophia Exhibition Grounds where we have the pleasant company of two fellow overlanders: Iris and Stefan from Switzerland. We hope to get all the welding done within the next week. Meanwhile we’re looking for a low budget place to stay in Suriname for 4-6 weeks, preferably near Paramaribo. If you have ideas / contacts, please shoot us an email!

Reise Know-How (©Reise Know-how)

Reise Know-How Ambassadors

When we started our journey in South America, in 2007, we brought Reise-Know-How maps of some of the countries, and bought more …

Delta Eco Camp, Delta Orinoco in Venezuela (©photocoen)

Where The Road Ends (Venezuela)

When studying the map of Venezuela my eye was constantly drawn to one particular corner: that of the Orinoco Delta. The drawback …

A roof top tent to admire, of Venezuelan making: Carpas Anaconda

Overlanding in Venezuela

Overlanding in Venezuela: making new friends and becoming part of Destinos Inteligentes for a weekend.