Where Are We – Japan 7 (Wildlife on Hokkaido, in Winter)

March 17, 2017: For some six weeks we enjoyed Hokkaido’s winter with freezing temps, packs of snow and lots of wildlife. Click on the image to see some fabulous pics of the animals we spotted. Cherry trees, while you are getting ready to blossom and display the most beautiful of you, we’ll drive south to meet you and to make sure we get to see the best of you! Who has tips on the best places to visit for the cherry blossom?

Where Are We – Japan 5 (Hiking on Yakushima Island)

December 27, 2016: After 2 weeks in the car workshop of Mr Nakashima, it was time for a break. We packed our backpacks, took a ferry, and hiked on Yakushima Island (read about it by clicking on the photo). Meanwhile we have returned and are on our way to Nagasaki.

Where are We – Japan 4 (Friendee Auto Workshop)

December 14, 2016: We hoped for magic things in our Land Cruiser’s country of birth, Japan, but what is happening is beyond expectation. A look into 4Friendee Auto Workshop and what else we have been doing.